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How to use an air hand dryer

Drying your hands with an automatic jet air hand dryer is very easy

Simple operation and the speed at which your hands are dried can be attributed to the increasing popularity of jet hand dryers.

How does an automatic jet hand dryer work?

By inserting wet hands into the working area of the air blower, a stream of air at a speed of 95 m/s is automatically started. By slow movements of hands up and down, water is literally wiped off them.

The uniqueness of Jet Dryer jet hand dryers lies in the fact that the air flows on both sides of the hands. The drying efficiency is increased by 20 longitudinal fin nozzles. The warm air also contributes to quicker drying, creating a sense of greater comfort.

The expelled water is collected in the evaporator tray of the dryer.

Thanks to this technology, your hands will be dry in 10 seconds! This drying principle is similar to drying cars in car washes.

Simple guide to using a dual-sided jet hand dryer

Setting hand drying modes

Jet Dryer dryers can be set to up to 4 different modes depending on the type of dryer. These modes can be set and adjusted using the buttons inside the device. There is also a button for turning the device on/off. This way, each user can set the mode according to their preferences, including energy and cost savings.

  • Low air speed without heating
  • Low air speed with heating
  • High air speed without heating
  • High-speed air circulation with heating

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